Do marked crosswalks provide better pedestrian safety than unmarked crosswalks?
Not always. The city receives frequent requests to install marked crosswalks at uncontrolled intersections or at some mid-block location between uncontrolled intersections. An uncontrolled intersection is one without stop signs, yield signs, or traffic signals. These requests almost always come from the sincere belief held by some citizens that a marked crosswalk provides some kind of additional protection to the pedestrians who use them. Unfortunately, this is a common misconception that can be extremely hazardous.

There have been many site studies of pedestrian safety at marked and unmarked crosswalks at uncontrolled intersections.

The primary thrust of these studies is that marked crosswalks give pedestrians a false sense of security. While the crosswalk markings are very obvious to the pedestrian, they are often much less visible to the motorists who drive over them. Pedestrians must always act defensively when motorists are in close proximity to them, but some pedestrians think that white pavement markings will somehow stop, or slow down, a moving vehicle, and this is obviously just not the case.

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