Accessory Dwellings

Quick Facts

The Nassau County Land Development Code was updated on February 25, 2019 to allow accessory dwellings.  Below are some helpful quick facts regarding the changes or you can view the updated accessory dwelling ordinance in its entirety here.

​Accessory Dwellings:
  • Are permitted by right in all residentially zoned districts that permit single-family dwellings.
  • May not be larger than 50% of the sqft of the single-family structure (not including garage space). The total footprint shall not exceed 800 sqft.
  • Are subject to building permit requirements as established by the FL Building Code.
  • Shall not be sold as a separate piece of property.
  • May be used for rental property when primary structure carries active homestead exemption.
  • Are subject to impact fees.
  • Shall connect to public water and sewer connections, when available. If no connection is available, well and septic systems must be in compliance with DOH regulations.
  • Shall not be RV's, mobile homes, or storage sheds. 
  • Check out LDC Section 28.15(K)(4) for Design Standards.
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