Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability Assessment

June 2020: Power Point presented to BoCC 

Phase I Vulnerability Assessment History

On January 28th, the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners accepted a $40,000 Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) grant award to complete a Vulnerability Assessment for certain parts of the County. A Vulnerability Assessment reviews future exposure to existing developed areas and future areas of development, financial exposure, and risks to significant environmental and cultural resources. This project will specifically help the County assess the overall environmental and economic vulnerabilities related to flooding and sea level rise risks.

East Study Area Phase IFlooding, stormwater, drainage are top of mind with elected officials and the community based on storm events like Matthew and Irma, but also because of everyday flooding after typical thunderstorms. It is not uncommon to hear on a weekly basis from citizens in the County regarding road flooding issues or that they have been dropped from their flood insurance. The community has indicated they are ready for action. A Vulnerability Assessment for rapidly growing areas, and areas with demonstrated existing flooding issues, will help Nassau County be better prepared.

The two areas studied in this first phase are: 1) east of I-95 on the mainland, and 2) west of I-95 south and west of A1A/SR 200/301. These areas represent portions of the County experiencing rapid growth and development pressures, and lands that are highly vulnerable due to extensive floodplain and wetland areas. Long-range planning efforts are currently being conducted for these regions of the County, and a vulnerability assessment will help inform these efforts and future planning. The County has a goal of holistically West Study Area Phase Iincorporating resiliency planning into all planning activities, instead of treating it as a siloed, separate planning exercise.

Phase II Vulnerability Assessment History

November 2019 - The County’s Planning and Economic Opportunity Department has been awarded a second Department of Environmental Protection grant to have the assessment completed for the remainder of the County, including Amelia Island. The Balmoral Group has been selected to complete the project, which is now underway. Community outreach is anticipated in early 2020, and the project should be complete in late Spring 2020. 

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