SR 200/A1A Corridor Master Plan

Purpose and Intent

The SR200/A1A Corridor will inspire

identity, comfort, and future opportunity as a

multi-functional, safe, and sustainable corridor

that connects people to the places

where they aspire to live, work, play and stay.

Nassau County is defining the future of the SR200/A1A Corridor.  The concepts in the SR200/A1A Corridor Master Plan emerged with the support of Nassau County residents, property owners, business operators, and county officials.  The collective vision for the SR200/A1A Corridor will define the future of the community.  This plan charts a path toward that future-one that is livable, sustainable, and economically vital-driven by five planning priorities:

Nurture Nature

Maintain, enhance, and extend the natural environment by creating opportunities for residents to access and enjoy Florida’s unique natural areas.

Grow Sustainably

Help stage vibrant shopping center and neighborhood growth through development that creates places for people, supports local businesses and generates additional jobs, encourages an active lifestyle, and comprises a mix of housing options.

Connect Communities

Improve linkages between neighborhoods, shopping centers, and amenities through a network of slow, safe, and livable primary and secondary streets, trails, bike paths, and pedestrian infrastructure.

Catalyze Culture

Build on heritage while establishing new cultural assets that celebrate community creativity and identity in the public realm.

Future Proof

Prepare for a future by looking ahead to build a resilient community in the face of growing climate concern and technological advancements.


This plan resulted from a two-year intensive planning effort that included an in-depth analysis of history, culture, growth trends, land uses, economic development, visual quality, and environmental impacts. 

The adopted plan and executive summary can be accessed via the links below.

SR 200/A1A Corridor Master Plan (Adopted)

SR 200/A1A Corridor Executive Summary