General Outline of Case Progression

The following is a general description of the Code Enforcement Process. This process is in accordance with Chapter 162, Florida Statutes and the Nassau County Code of Ordinances.

Primarily, cases are initiated by citizen complaints. Please note as of July 1, 2021, pursuant to Florida Law, anonymous complaints will not be investigated. A person who reports a potential violation must provide a name and address.

The following is the typical case progression.   However, case progression can vary depending upon the nature of the violation.

  1. A complaint is received by the Code Enforcement Department.
  2. An inspection is performed to verify that a violation exists on the property.
  3. The property owner is then notified that a violation(s) exists and is given a reasonable period of time in which to correct the violation(s).
  4. A follow-up inspection is performed to verify that the violation(s) has been corrected.
  5. If compliance is not achieved, the case is forwarded to the Code Enforcement Board for a hearing.
  6. At the Code Enforcement Board Hearing, testimony and evidence is presented from both the County and the property owner. Upon the conclusion of the testimony and evidence, the Code Enforcement Board will enter an order making Findings of Facts and Conclusions of Law as to whether or not the County has proved that a violation(s) exists on the property.
  7. If the Code Enforcement Board determines that a violation does exist on the property, an order is entered requiring that the property owner bring the property into compliance within a specified period of time or a fine will commence for each day the property remains in violation.
  8. If compliance is not achieved within the time given by the Code Enforcement Board, a fine will be assessed and, ultimately, may be recorded against the property as a lien against the land on which the violation exists and upon any other real or personal property owned by the violator.

If You Have Received a Notice of Violation

If you have been cited for a violation, contact the code enforcement officer assigned to your case at 904-530-6200 (or toll free 800-264-2065) to discuss how to resolve the matter.