Common Code Violations


The Nassau County Code Enforcement Department enforces the following violation types. You may also view all County Ordinances.

Ordinance 18 1/4 - Nuisances

Material that could be considered a health or safety issue may not accumulate on property. This includes trash, litter, debris, or junk, such as:

Section 3           Abandoned refrigerators, iceboxes and similar items

Section 4           Unserviceable vehicles

Section 5           General nuisances affecting public health (trash, litter or debris,   

                            stagnant water)

Section 6           Obstructing drains and watercourses

Section 7            Litter -- General prohibitions - Illegal dumping, etc.

Ordinance Florida Building Code 7th Edition section 105.1

Building permit required - For construction, repairs, or alterations, you must obtain the necessary permits.

Ordinance 97-19

  • Zoning Code
  • Permitted uses and structure
  • More than one principal structure
  • Conditional use
  • Swimming pool enclosure
  • Parking, storage, or use of major recreational equipment

Ordinance 2000-26

  • Maintenance of structures - The structures must not constitute a public nuisance. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their property to insure the safety, health, and property values.
  • Dilapidated structures
  • Abandoned property

Ordinance 99-17

  • Mining and borrow pit operation
  • Right of way obstruction

Ordinance 2002-62

Agricultural stand permits are required to sell unprocessed agricultural product:

Ordinance 2007-25

Outdoor sales permits are required: 

  • Temporary permits for 30 days per calendar year
  • Permits are issued by Growth Management 90 days in advance of the event

Ordinance 89-1

 Signs - Signage may not be placed in any right of way:

  • This protects motorists from unduly distracting signs that could cause unsafe conditions
  • Signs attached to any tree, shrub, utility pole, or street light are prohibited

Ordinance 2002-29