Common Code Violations


The Nassau County Code Enforcement Department enforces the following violation types. You may also view all County Ordinances.

Ordinance 2003-17

Material that could be considered a health or safety issue may not accumulate on property. This includes trash, litter, debris, or junk, such as:

Section 2 Abandon refrigerators, iceboxes and similar items
Section 3 Unserviceable vehicles
Section 6.02 Obstructing drains and watercourses
Section 6.03 Discard, place trash, litter or debris
Section 6.05 Illegal dumping

Ordinance 2015-10

Section 6.01 General nuisances affecting public health
(3) Accumulations of decayed animal or vegetable mater, trash, rubbish, garbage, rotting lumber, bedding, packing material, scrap metal, or any material whatsoever in which flies, mosquitoes, disease-carrying insects, rats or other vermin may breed.
(4) All stagnant water in which mosquitoes, flies or other insects can multiply.
(7) Accumulation of can and bottles
(8) Accumulation of tires, appliances, mechanical equipment or parts

Ordinance Florida Building Code 7th Edition section 105.1

Building permit required - For construction, repairs, or alterations, you must obtain the necessary permits.

Ordinance 97-19

  • Zoning Code
  • Permitted uses and structure
  • More than one principal structure
  • Conditional use
  • Swimming pool enclosure
  • Parking, storage, or use of major recreational equipment

Ordinance 2000-26

  • Maintenance of structures - The structures must not constitute a public nuisance. Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of their property to insure the safety, health, and property values.
  • Dilapidated structures
  • Abandoned property

Ordinance 99-17

  • Mining and borrow pit operation
  • Right of way obstruction

Ordinance 2002-62

Agricultural stand permits are required to sell unprocessed agricultural product:

Ordinance 2007-25

Outdoor sales permits are required: 

  • Temporary permits for 30 days per calendar year
  • Permits are issued by Growth Management 90 days in advance of the event

Ordinance 89-1

 Signs - Signage may not be placed in any right of way:

  • This protects motorists from unduly distracting signs that could cause unsafe conditions
  • Signs attached to any tree, shrub, utility pole, or street light are prohibited

Ordinance 2002-29