Bulletin 01-2022 - Plans Required On-Site

Bulletin 02-2022 - Work not requiring a Building Permit - Updated-4-7-2022

Bulletin 03-2022 - New Rough-in Inspection Requirements 4-11-2022

Blower Door Testing and Mechanical Ventilation - Updated 2/3/2020


Commercial Building Applications


Master Permit File Instruction and Application

“Get Ready for Building Safety Month”

Notable Changes to 6th Edition Florida Building Code (2017) Residential

Elevation Certificates

New Requirement: Section 706 Existing Roofing of the Florida Building Code Existing Building Code 6th Edition (2017)

Notable Changes to 2014 Edition of the National Electrical Code

Submittal Documents for Commercial Plan Review

Roofing Contractor Inspection Affidavit

Temporary Construction Trailers

Plans & Paperwork Reduction


Rough Inspection Roof

Building Inspector I and II Positions

Blower Door Testing and Mechanical Ventilation

Over the Counter Permit

Guidelines for Shell Building and Tenant Build-Out Permits

Form Board Finished Floor Elevations

Inspectors Cell Phone Policy

Inspection Tracking

Retaining Wall Permits for DEP projects

Elevation Certificate Basics


Manufactured Home Installation

Peel and Stick Underlayment Reroofing Applications

Manufactured Housing 15C-1 Standards Workshop

Stucco Workshop

Quick Tie Presentation

Hurricane Permit Work

Elevation Certificate

Procedures for Review Elevation

Spray Foam Insulation Workshop

Mandatory Dwelling/garage ceiling fire separation inspection


 Specialty Trade Permits

Specialty Trade Testing

Building Permit Exemptions

Framing Inspections

Change Out permits for Residential HVAC Units

Manufactured Building Setup Training

Smoke Alarms for Alterations, Repairs and Additions

Notable Changes to 5th Edition Florida Building Code (2014) Residential

Over the Counter permits

Fence Permits

Replacement Window and Door Inspection Affidavit

Subcontractor Listing

Roofing Replacement Affidavit


Low Voltage Permitting Requirements

Florida Building Code Proposal

Site Work Permit Required

Early Electrical Power

Significant Changes 5th Edition Florida Building Code

Change of Contractor