Economic Resources

The Economic Resources Division is responsible for the development, administration and on-going adaptation of the County's economic development program. The purpose of the economic development program is to create, implement, and evolve a comprehensive economic development strategic plan with the intent to:

  • Improve the overall Quality-of-Life and Quality-of-Place for current and future Nassau County Residents; and,
  • Provide a unified and coordinated presence in the execution of various economic development services provided by local, regional, and state partner organizations/agencies; and,
  • Implement the directives and priorities of the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners; and 
  • Nurture a more resilient, sustainable, equitable and prosperous local economic ecosystem; and 
  • Promote the expansion and diversification of the local economy; and 
  • Increase employment opportunities and workforce development activities that create long-term value for the community; and
  • Retain and expand existing businesses; and
  • Support small business development and expansion

Economic Resource Documents