Parks Recreation & Open Space Master Plan

Parks and recreation facilities not only enrich the lives of those in the community, but also can improve the aesthetics of neighborhoods, increase property values, generate tourism, and enhance the overall image of the County. The County acknowledges the need to phase in parks and recreation facilities in order to keep pace with its population growth.

The County engaged Barth & Associates to assist in long-term recreation planning for Nassau County. In 2020, the Board of County Commissioners hosted various public outreach initiatives to collect data from the residents about what types of parks and recreation opportunities they would like to see. The County collected data through a series of site visits, public workshops, focus groups and interviews. During this time frame, surveys were also mailed to select households and a web-based survey platform was available to collect information about current levels of service. The statistically representative survey received 431 responses and the online survey received 560 responses.

The Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan was completed using data collected from the public outreach initiatives. The final PROSMP was adopted by the Board of County Commissioners on January 25, 2021.

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County Earns 2022 Florida American Planning Association Award of Excellence in Best Practices for the PROSMP

The PROSMP analyzes the level of service standards and inventories the County’s current parks system. It recommends guidelines for the size, timing and phasing of county parks using population projections. It also considers what types of parks and recreation facilities are most appropriate in individual communities based on public input. The PROSMP will help to create a long-range financially feasible plan for the acquisition of recreation lands. The plan includes criteria for, and priority ranking of, lands for acquisition and development. It considers funding sources as well as programs for implementation and capital improvements for future parks and recreation facilities.

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The policies of the Recreation and Open Space Element in the 2030 Comprehensive Plan required the County to prepare, in cooperation with appropriate agencies, a Recreation Master Plan to guide the development and maintenance of County parks and recreation facilities.

The Nassau County Parks Administrative Procedures and Design Manual summarizes the types of parks or park impact fees required for residential development and describes procedures for park provision in the development process. Please note this manual does not supersede applicable Comprehensive Plan goals, objectives, and policies or standards contained within the Land Development Code and Code of Ordinances. 

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