Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan provides a path forward that will facilitate a more resilient, equitable, sustainable, and prosperous Nassau County. A review of the County's foundational studies/documents identified four high-level strategic priorities that capture the overarching values, primary objectives, and substantive concerns of the greater community. These four priorities will shape decision making and provide guide-rails as we progress through an ever-evolving environment:

- Quality-of-Life & Quality-of-Place [Vibrancy]

- Environmental Stewardship & Resiliency

- Fiscal Stewardship & Economic Prosperity

- Governance & Leadership

"It is with great excitement and expectation that I present Nassau County's first step towards adopting a strategic plan. While Nassau has maintained a Comprehensive Plan, a State mandated long-range planning document, the elements of local government that report directly to the Board of County Commissioners have never created an organizational strategic plan that sets a definable course, expectations, and fearless targets. The purpose of this document is to serve as an interim step towards the creation of a comprehensive 5-year strategic plan that charts a collective path forward in the shared-pursuit of the common good and creation of lasting public value". - County Manager, Taco E. Pope

Interim Strategic Plan (adopted May 18, 2022)

Note: The Interim Strategic Plan was approved at the May 18, 2022 meeting via Resolution No. 2022-107.

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Photos from the Strategic Sessions held on February 14 and February 15, 2022