Nassau County-Amelia Island Tree Commission (NC-AITC)


  • Meetings will be held the first Wednesday of the month.
  • Regular time for meetings will be 5:00 P.M.
  • Location: Commission Chambers, James S Page Governmental Complex

NC-AITC Committee Agenda/Minutes

2024 NC-AITC Workshop Agenda

2023.12.06 Agenda - NC-AITC

2023.11.01 Agenda - NC-AITC

2023.10.04 Agenda - NC-AITC

2023.08.02 Agenda - NC-AITC

2023.07.05 Agenda - NC-AITC

2023.06.07 Agenda - NC-AITC

Purpose and Intent

The Nassau County-Amelia Island Tree Commission was created for the purpose of protecting and improving the urban forest on the Unincorporated portion of Amelia Island. This Commission consists of Unincorporated Amelia Island citizens and County staff. The NC-AITC is responsible for:

  1. Developing, recommending and forwarding to the board of county commissioners a tree planting program
  2. Reviewing tree restoration plans
  3. Hearing and deciding administrative appeals from provisions of section 37.02 LDC – Unincorporated Amelia Island Tree Protection and Replacement.
  4. Recommending to the board of county commissioners that:
    1. Periodic surveys of trees and vegetation on the unincorporated area of Amelia Island be conducted;
    2. A survey and record of significant trees be established and maintained;
    3. New canopy roads be designated; and
    4. A heritage tree program be established.

Voting Members

Steve Sherman – NC-AITC Chair –

Ron Flick – PZB Representative -

David Jensen -

Karen Klima -

Lynda Bell -

Ex Officio Members

Taylor Clem – UF/IFAS Extension Representative –

Gabriel Porter – Engineering Department Representative –

Jay Robertson – Parks and Recreation Department Representative –

Staff Member

Joseph Pitcheralle, Senior Planner/Urban Forester