Lot Split / Parent Tract Split

​What is a "Lot Split"?

​     Subdividing one piece of property into two pieces of property
​is known as a lot split or parent tract split. 
​For example, if you have a 5 acre parcel of land and you wish to cut out or subdivide an acre of that parcel to sell or deed to someone else.

​What is a "parent tract"?

​     According to the Nassau County Land Development Code, a parent tract refers to a lot of record that existed on March 27, 2017, and will also mean, for the purpose of this ordinance, a parcel of land fronting on a publicly maintained road. A parent tract may be divided once, without complying with the subdivision regulations provided the tract meets the minimum lot and yard requirements of the respective zoning district, does not exceed residential density limitations as defined in the comprehensive plan and meets the minimum lot frontage requirements as defined in section 28.03 of the Land Development Code. Any further division of a parent tract shall be deemed to be a subdivision and must comply with these subdivision regulations. This provision does not apply to lots created by a subdivision plat recorded with the Clerk of the Court of Nassau County via plat book and page. An application to divide a parent tract, pursuant to this section, shall be submitted to the Development Services Department on the provided form. The application to divide a parent tract must be approved by the Development Services Department prior to the issuance of a building permit.

What are the issues with lot splits and what do they have to do with the Planning Department?

​    On January 23, 2017, the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners amended Article 28 of the Land Development Code by adopting Ordinance
​2017-03.  The Ordinance directed the Department of Planning to proactively monitor the division of land for the purpose of creating building sites throughout the unincorporated areas of Nassau County. 
​Ordinance 2017-32 further amended Article 28 by changing the effective date to
​March 17, 2017 to match tax parcel maps captured by the Nassau County Property Appraiser. 

What is the point of the process?

​     The Single Land Split process is a value-added service to the citizens of Nassau County.  By actively engaging in the land division process we can assist land owners and purchasers of land on the front-end of the process to ensure no complications arise when development permits are requested.  The service is provided to ensure that each newly created lot of record meets the minimum building site requirements for its zoning district, the building has proper access, and other similar provisions associated with the land development code have been addressed. 

Are you considering splitting your property?

​Before you take any steps, contact the Development Services Department. We can help you determine what path you might need to take. We can be reached at ​(904) 530-6225 or developmentapps@nassaucountyfl.com​

Things to Consider:​​​     - New and conforming lots must conform to the Nassau County Land Development Code.​
​​     - A parent tract can only be split one time without having to go through subdivision regulations.

     - Both lots meet the minimum access requirements? Review Section 28.03 for more information.​
​​Single Land Split Process
​1. Submit Single Land Split Application and Engineering Services ​Access Form.​   ​ ​​ ​◦ Be sure to include: Certified Boundary Survey or Scaled Drawing; Legal description; Deed showing ownership of the property; Documents to be approved by the County Attorney (as applicable).​

​ ​
​​2. Once approved, consult with the Nassau County Clerk of Circuit Court's office to record the property. The Clerk's office is located at the Robert M. Foster Justice Center, 76347 Veterans Way, Yulee, FL, 32097. Please contact them at 548-4600 for additional information. ​ ​​​
​3. Consult the Nassau County Property Appraiser's office at 904-491-7300.