Planning & Zoning Board


Applications, Meeting Dates and Deadlines

  • Applications for items that require hearings before the Planning and Zoning Board are taken in by the Planning Department on a continuous basis throughout the year.


  • The Planning Department has 30 days, under state law (Section 125.22, Florida Statutes), to review the application to ensure it is complete and contains all the information necessary for County staff to review.


  • Applications are then subject to internal review by the Planning Department and other County departments as appropriate. The time required for this may vary depending on the type and complexity of the application under review. Contact the Planning Department for more information.


  • Following completion of this review, applicants will be informed when public hearings with the Planning & Zoning Board (and if necessary, with the Board of County Commissioners) will be scheduled. 


  • Legal advertisements for public hearings will be submitted by the Planning Department to a newspaper of general circulation (The Fernandina Beach News Leader or the Nassau County Record, depending on the application). Applicants will be informed when these ads have been submitted and instructed on how to pay the newspaper for publication of the ad. Separate legal ads may be required for hearings with the Board of County Commissioners.


  • Notices will also be mailed to property owners with 300’ of any affected property. In the case of an application affecting or modifying an adopted Planned Unit Development (PUD), notices will be mailed to all property owners within the PUD.  Signs indicating the date of the hearings and application reference numbers will also be posted on the affected property in a location visible from the public right of way.


  • Agendas for meetings of the Planning and Zoning Board are published online one week in advance of the meeting. Links to published agendas can be found here.


  • Members of the public are invited to appear to speak in favor or against agenda items. Written comments received (including e-mails) for or against agenda items will be distributed to the Planning & Zoning Board and made a part of the record.


  • The link below will show the scheduled meeting dates, advertising and notice deadlines, and the estimated date of publication for the agenda.  If you have any questions about filing an application or an application currently in process, please contact the Planning Department at (904)530-6320 or   

           View the Meeting Dates and Legal Advertising Deadlines for 2023

PZB Board Members

  • Todd Ericksen (District 1)
    Email Todd Ericksen
    Re-Appointed: January 2022
    Term Expiration: December 2025
  • Philip Griffin (At Large District 1)
    Email Phillip Griffin
    Appointed: October 2022
    Term expiration: December 2025  
  • Ron Flick (District 2)
    Email Ron Flick
    Appointed: January 2023
    Term Expiration: December 2026
  • Wynn Fendig (At Large - District 2)
    Email Wynn Fendig
    Appointed: March 2023
    Term Expiration: December 2023
  • Dan Morris (District 3)      
    Email Dan Morris
    Appointed: December 2020
    Term Expiration:  December 2023
  • Jimmy L. Higginbotham (At Large - District 3)
    Email Jimmy L. Higginbotham
    Re-Appointed: December 2020
    Term Expiration: December 2023


  • Karen Denise Brantley                                     Email Karen Denise Brantley               Appointed: July 2023
    Term Expiration: December 2023
  •  Vacant (At Large - District 4) 
    Term Expiration: December 2023
  • Tyrone Blue (District 5)
    Email Tyrone Blue
    Appointed: January 2023
    Term Expiration: December 2024
  • Joseph Zimmerman-Vice Chair (At Large - District 5)                                                       Email Joseph Zimmerman
    Re-Appointed: January 2023
    Term Expiration: December 2025
  • Linda Morris - CHAIR (School Board) 
    Email Linda Morris
    Re-Appointed: December 2017 Serves at pleasure of School Board

Powers and Duties
View the Planning and Zoning Board Powers and Duties.