Nassau County Attorney


To provide high-quality, timely, professional, and cost-effective legal representation to the Board of County Commissioners, and to other Officials of Nassau County as directed by the Board.


The County Attorney is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and is responsible for providing legal services, counsel, and representation to the Board of County Commissioners, County Departments and Staff, as well as various boards and committees organized under the Board of County Commissioners. 

Legal services include drafting, preparing, and reviewing legal documents such as ordinances, resolutions, contracts, agreements, and memorandums. The County Attorney represents the Board of County Commissioners in outside litigation cases and manages the County’s lobbying service providers. 

When called upon and where no conflict of interest exists, the County Attorney provides legal assistance to other Constitutional Officers of the County. 

As restricted by law and the rules of The Florida Bar, the County Attorney is not authorized to provide legal advice to the residents of Nassau County.  


The Fiscal Year Quarterly Matrices accurately reflect productivity and time management within the County Attorney's Office. The reports are categorized into three (3) components: hours spent attending public meetings, reviewing requests for legal services, and meeting internally to provide legal counsel. The fourth matrix is a comparative analysis of all three components mentioned above.

Quarterly  Matrix


Office of the County Attorney: FY2021-2022 ACCOMPLISHMENTS

Nassau County Ordinances, Resolutions, Contracts, & Agreements

Nassau County Code of Ordinances: Municode Library

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