Amelia Island Tourist Development Council


Amelia Island Tourist Development Council

What is the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council?

The AITDC is a volunteer, citizen-based committee who is appointed by, and serves at the pleasure of the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). The AITDC is charged with providing recommendations to the BOCC on tourism related matters including, but not limited to, the creation of marketing plans, new product development, and the expenditure of Tourist Development Tax (TDT) funds. The AITDC is also charged with the continuous review of expenditures of TDT funds and has the ability to report unauthorized expenditures of the fund monies to the BOCC and Department of Revenue. 

To ensure proactive and professional management of the AITDC and execution of related tourism programs, initiatives, and special projects, the BOCC contracts with Amelia Island Convention and Visitors Bureau (AICVB) to provide administrative and operational support to the AITDC and related tourism activities. This includes, among other items, the preparation of marketing plans, management of tourism related contracts, development of new products, expansion of the tourism market, and preparation of an annual budget for the AITDC and BOCC’s consideration. 

Annually, the AITDC, with assistance from AICVB, recommends a proposed TDT fund budget for the BOCC’s consideration.  The BOCC has the final decision on the allocation of funds. The BOCC is ultimately responsible for the expenditure of all TDT funds.

Tourist Development Tax (TDT) Infographic will provide a history of the Tourist Development Tax, creation of the Amelia Island Tourist Development Council, collection of tax and how the tax is handled once collected.

AITDC Appointment & Members

 The AITDC was established by ordinance after a vote of the electorate of Nassau County in November of 1988. The AITDC is composed of nine (9) members who are appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the BOCC. The appointments are governed by Florida Statute 125.0104 which states the Council shall be comprised of:

  • One (1) County Commissioner
  • Two (2) Elected Municipal Officials
    • at least one of whom shall be from the most populous municipality in the county or sub-county special taxing district in which the tax is levied
  • Six (6) persons who are involved in the tourist industry and have demonstrated an interest in tourist development
    • No less than three (3) nor more than four (4), shall be owners or operators of motels, hotels, recreational vehicle parks, or other tourist accommodations on Amelia Island subject to the tax and reside in Nassau County

Additional information, in part, concerning characteristics of the Council’s operations follow in accordance with Florida Statute 125.0104 and Nassau County Ordinance 88-31 as follows:

  • The Council shall meet at least once each quarter
  • Members of the Council shall serve for staggered terms of four (4) years
  • All members are required to:
    • Be Nassau County residents and registered voters
    • Adhere to Florida Sunshine Law
  • The Board of County Commissioners shall have the option of designating the chair of the Council or allowing the Council to elect a chair
    • The chair shall be appointed or elected annually and may be reelected or reappointed

NameRolePosition FilledTerm End
John MartinChairmanBOCCFollows Statute
Bradley BeanCity of Fernandina BeachElected Official (City of Fernandina Beach)November 2024
John BeasleyTown of HilliardElected Official (City of Fernandina Beach, Town of Callahan, or Town of Hilliard)December 2024
Lisa WestAddison on AmeliaTourist Industry (Tax Paying)December 2026
Will WeistRitz-Carlton, Amelia IslandTourist Industry (Tax Paying)December 2024
Bob HartmanResidence InnTourist Industry (Tax Paying)December 2024
Phyllis DavisAmelia Island Museum of HistoryTourist IndustryDecember 2026
Barbara HalverstadtJacksonville Aviation AuthorityTourist IndustryDecember 2026
VacantInnisfree HotelsTourist IndustryDecember 2024